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An honest client review: The help of CBD oil

After childhood injuries, I live with anxiety and depression. For the sake of calmness, I tested various psychoactive substances (SSRIs, Benzodiazepines, Antipsychotics…) that introduced me to a number of "side effects". After realizing that the "drugs" prescribed by the psychiatrist do not help, but only suppress the symptoms, cause discomfort and addiction, I began to look for alternative ways of treatment. Then I discovered the CBD, which I have been using regularly for several weeks. Short-term subjective effects of CBD oil: suppresses the symptoms of anxiety without stopping cognitive functions, so staying calm, but able to think, know yourself and know the cause of anxiety.

I have also noticed that this amazing substance helps to otherwise experience strain (often anxiety) muscle pain. The pain itself does not disappear, is not suppressed, but the psychological tension caused by pain disappears, so I can relax more easily. Based on short-term subjective experience, CBD does not help with depression but certainly does not interfere. I don't use long-term CBDs, so I can't say much about long-term effects. Perhaps a regular CBD will allow a different "healthier" person to develop, which in the long run will become a person's identity and thus help the person. And maybe this will cause addiction, negative effects like all the materials you tried before (what's not likely). Whatever the case, the CBD is currently one of the most effective test substances I would like to invite to anyone with anxiety or other depression disorders.

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