Hemp seeds – benefits for you body

Hemp seeds – best protein source, contains more amino acids, then in any other grain culture. Seeds has perfect balance omega acids 3 and 6, it is needed for brain membrane functionality and brain activity, blood crest and blood pressure.

Hemp seeds is full of vitamins and minerals:

  • A, D, E, B vitamins
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphor
  • Potassium
  • Zinc

For people who has heart and blood vessels illness is very recommended to daily use hemp seeds and this way decrease cholesterol, because of fatty acids contains in hemp seeds. Daily use of hemps seeds could cause stronger immunity system. Cause of magnesium, seeds would help to improve your sleep quality, magnesium calms and relaxes your body, also stimulating hormones which are responsible of sleep quality. Nutrient hemps have almost none of psychoactive stuff and that’s why you will never get dizzy of it.


Mashed hemps with potatoes.

Traditional Christmas dish of west Lithuania. Because of hemp sale prohibition in Soviet union this dish was forgotten. Today we can get nutrient hemp products without braking the law, that’s why we recommend you to try this traditional of west Lithuania Christmas dish with potatoes and mashed hemp seeds.

Add hemps seeds to the hot pan, cook from 3 till 5 minutes, do not overcook, because it will be too bitter. Add roasted seeds to the meat grinder and grind it. Mass you get mix with the fried onions, add some salt. Mashed hemp seeds are eaten with hot boiled potatoes.

Hemp seed sauce.

Grind hemp seeds with meat grinder. Mass you get add to the mixer, add few soup spoons of hemp seed oil, one soup spoon of olive oil, add to slices of garlic, ads some of lemon juice , salt. Mix it. Sauce you get eat with boiled chickpeas.

Apple bite with hemp seeds.

Washed apples cut in the pieces, spread it with peanut butter. Add some goji berry and hemp seeds. Very good dish for your Christmas table.

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